Are you using Amazon as your main platform to sell your products?

Many people believe that Amazon can dominate the future of retail. This is why most people tend to invest a lot in their Amazon marketing strategies. Most of the time, people come out breaking even, most even make a small profit, but they don’t compare to those who think hard on their Amazon PPC strategy.

Having a well thought out PPC strategy can not only return your investments, but it can also boost your sales through the roof in due time. However, not everyone knows how Amazon PPC works. Only a few have a taste of success in their campaigns.

Today, we’re here to help you taste success for yourself. Read our Amazon PPC tutorial below to understand what it takes to increase your sales and get more traffic on your product pages on Amazon.

1. Structure Your Campaign

The first thing you should do to begin optimizing your Amazon campaign is to come up with a structure which you’ll stick with for your sponsored products. Structuring a campaign will make it easier for you to stay organized in Amazon. This will also help your target customers to find you quicker.

Before, all you had to do was choose a category where Amazon will display your products. There were general categories set for the convenience of customers, making it easier for them to browse the platform. To have your product featured in your category before, all you had to do was have a great keyword strategy, which we’ll discuss later.

Nowadays, there are more steps to take to optimize your campaign building. This is optional for the most part, but it will help your chances of having a sponsored product. There are 2 options you can choose for a campaign, a manual targeting campaign and an automatic one.

Automatic Targeting

This kind of PPC targeting is great for people new to Amazon as it’s introduced only in recent times. This type of campaign is perfect for anyone unfamiliar with PPC. This is because automatic targeting means having Amazon’s bots do most of the work for you.

When you opt for an automatic targeting PPC campaign, you rely on Amazon’s ability to gather data. Amazon will only display your products to people who may find it relevant. The way this works is that it looks into the activity of a user and use that data to determine if they will find your Amazon PPC advertisement interesting to them or not.

By opting for this type of campaign structure, you can sit back and relax as Amazon bring traffic in. There’s no need for you to look into keyword research too since Amazon uses user’s data instead. This structure is weaker than manual targeting campaigns though.

Not having control over who sees your ads can be a double-edged sword. In one hand, you don’t need to worry over it. On the other, it means only a select few will see your ads based on their product-browsing activities.

This may leave out people who may find interest but don’t search for anything relevant. If you want a more foolproof structure, you should opt for a manual targeting campaign.

Manual Targeting

This is a more hands-on type of targeting in PPC campaigns. You’re going to have to spend a lot of time bidding for keywords to make manual targeting effective as it can be. This kind of campaign uses your keyword to spread your product ad to Amazon users.

This way, anyone who sees your sponsored ad is sure to have an interest in your product. It also uses the basics of Amazon advertising to increase the visibility of your ad. It does this by showing your product to anyone else who visits the same page as the people who click on your PPC ads.

You’re going to want good keywords to help with your manual targeting strategy. Read what’s next to know what to look for in keywords

2. Perfect Your Keyword Strategy

To get started with Amazon PPC, you should familiarize yourself with keyword bidding. This is an essential part of PPC because it determines whether you get high-quality keywords for your sponsored product or not. The way it works is you place a bid for a keyword and wait for results.

That’s the basic way to bid for keywords. To step it up, there are a few things you can do. For instance, you can consider bidding on the Amazon suggested bid.

This is a safe way to secure a good enough keyword for your purposes. Amazon knows what people often type in their search bars. These tend to pay for themselves in product sales vs PPC ad-clicks more often than not.

Another way is to bid on keywords that have a lot of other people bidding on them. These keywords tend to be the ones that prove best in bringing the traffic in. If you can trump the competition, then you should expect a great influx of traffic to your product pages.

3. Make Your Strategy Flexible

There’s no one way to keep your PPC strategy optimized. The only way you can ensure success is to craft a strategy that’s flexible. For example, you should try out different tools to harvest keywords.

Each keyword tool works well for the basics of keyword tracking. However, each tool has some aspects which they lack compared to others. This makes using more than 1 tool essential to have a successful keyword bidding war.

You can also switch between automatic and manual targeting every now and then. Automatic targeting is a great way to start off your PPC in Amazon. After some keyword harvesting and such, consider adding some manual targeting touches to further improve your Amazon PPC.

Step Up Your Amazon PPC Strategy Today

Use these steps to have an easier time setting up your Amazon PPC strategy now. By doing so, everyone will see your sponsored products and traffic will flood your pages. Get started now!

Once you start to sell more than you expect, you’ll find it hard keeping track of your profits. Check out this guide on calculating profits on Amazon to keep yourself and your finances on track!