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Brand Content Optimization

Your Amazon product pages must match your brand’s look and feel, reflecting the style of your website and social media. Marketplace Valet translates your brand’s story into Amazon-friendly content, turning casual browsers into buyers with compelling stories and details about your products.


Product Pages

Maximize your presence with SEO that drives people to buy your products.


Boost your brand’s appearance and make shopping easy on your Amazon page.

A+ / Enhanced Brand Content (EBC)

Tell your brand’s story, raise your search rankings and get people buying from you more often.

Our Approach

Channel Strategy Development

We work with you to create a channel strategy that fits your brand’s products and goals. Then, once implemented, we continue to analyze market trends, competitors and consumer behavior to ensure your channel management drives exceptional results.

Fix the Foundations

An expert team optimizes your product listings to increase visibility and conversions. This includes in-depth keyword research, crafting compelling product descriptions, and ensuring your listings meet top standards and platform guidelines.


After attracting attention to your many SKUs, we refine images, wording and content to increase sales. This is done using advanced analytics to track performance and identify areas for improvement. Through this approach, we can make data-based decisions that drive growth.

Brand Awareness

We focus on reaching and engaging your potential customers with Sponsored Brand Ads and targeted Sponsored Display Ads for category placements. These strategies expand your audience by increasing your brand visibility and driving direct traffic to your products.

Holistic Approach

Thanks to a strategic expertise in retail, for both online and in physical stores, we maximize your brand’s presence across all channels. So your customers experience a seamless brand journey, regardless of where they buy from you.

Stay Relevant

We ensure your continued relevance and visibility by leveraging Amazon Post, Sponsored Product listings, Amazon Engagement, Retargeting Ads and a range of other powerful tools. Your brand remains in your consumers’ view, driving lasting engagement and strengthening your presence.

Tech & AI

In the competitive Amazon marketplace, relying only on Amazon’s tools often doesn’t unlock your brand’s full potential. Third-party tools and AI solutions are crucial for handling the complex needs of e-commerce, particularly for brands with large SKU counts. These advanced tools offer enhanced features, automation and insightful analytics that provide an extra edge for your Amazon strategy.


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