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Brand Protection

Amazon Brand Protection

Brand Registry falls under our general Brand Protection services. Please note that the value generated for your brand and resulting improvements to brand equity and goodwill are far greater than any commissions Marketplace Valet may earn over the term of this agreement. Brand Protection is quite arguably the most valuable service that we offer.

Many brands experience pressure on the buy box and prices due to other sellers competing on listings. However, when these sellers use counterfeits, or don’t obey MAP pricing, competition becomes unfair. Unauthorized sellers are scoring sales with knockoffs or lower prices to capitalize on a brand’s investment in reputation and marketing.

Despite the Amazon Brand Registry system, preventing counterfeits appearing requires constant monitoring of each listing on each Amazon domain; this process is costly and time-consuming.

Marketplace Valet Brand Protection Overview

  • State-of-the-art technology that protects your brand.
  • We monitor your entire portfolio across major marketplaces
  • Eliminate unfair competition for the buy box.
  • MAP Policy Enforcement
  • Stop inferior fake products affecting reviews.
  • 96% of success rate from detections to removals.
  • Have unauthorized 3P Sellers Removed
  • Consult with your brand to Develop Reseller Agreement Language & additional protection policies
  • Cease & Desist Letters Sent
  • Removal of 3P Seller Competition on your Listings for Ebay/Walmart


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