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Great Marketplace Sales Starts With Great Content

Listing Creation & Optimization

Amazon Listing Optimization

To build the best marketplace listings, with the best possible sales ranks, it will always start with creating the best content. This includes the content, copy and product images, but also ensuring that each listing is properly mapped to the right categories. Marketplace Valet has built over 200,000 listings to date that have generated hundreds of millions in revenues. Let us build listings for your brand!


Proper Categorization

It is so important to make sure that your products are in the right category. Or you’re missing out on filtered searches

Grow Rank

Our content optimization services help fast track improvement to your Best Sellers Rank (BSR).

Grow Revenues

Amazon Listing Optimization is all about growing revenues. It pays to have great listings, a valuable investment into future sales and dividends. Something we like to refer to as listing equity.

Tell The Brand Story

We help our brand partners maximize their opportunity to tell their brand’s story to customers. We do this through A+ or Enhanced Brand Content.

Image Optimization

Customers process images over 50000 times faster than reading text. The best listings have 5-6 images. Hero, LIfestyle, and Infographics to support.

Structured Content

We use our listing creation best practices to show the right content in the right places on page, leading to the best possible conversion rates.

No Magic Wand

Every Marketplace is different. Marketplace Valet optimizes content for each marketplace channel separately, as they all require slightly different data.

Show Up In Search

Can customers easily find your products in search? Are you showing up for relevant searches? Marketplace Valet optimizes listings for discoverability.

Think Listings At Scale

Marketplace Valet is uniquely qualified to help our clients build and optimize listings at scale. So whether you have 100 listings or 50,000 listings we can handle the job, and fast.


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