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Complete Product & Business Data At Your Fingertips

End to End FBA Logistics


Warehousing / Storage

We can store your products in our state of the art Marketplace Valet Warehouse. 50,000 sqft located in Corona, CA. Just 50 miles from the Port of Los Angeles.


We will affix barcodes or FNSKUs to your products

FBA Crossdocking

Ship your products to us, and we will prepare and distribute them to FBA while adhering to Amazon’s policies.

FBA Training

We will collaborate with your warehouse team to impart best practices for shipping products to FBA.


When your products are stored in our warehouse, we make sure to include FBM (Fulfillment by Merchant) as a shipping option. Additionally, we offer direct-to-consumer order fulfillment (DTC) for your website and various marketplaces.

FBA Fulfillment

When your products are stored in our warehouse, we will handle their shipment to FBA as required.


We manage the returns processing and provide you with reverse logistics solutions, which encompass reselling, grading, holding, and returning, or disposing of items as needed.

Inventory & Order Management

We offer precise shipment and inventory reports as part of our comprehensive inventory and order management services for products stored in our warehouse.

Inventory Demand Planning

In addition to keeping you informed about the status and location of your inventory, we offer inventory projections based on sell-through data.


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