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Selling globally is out of reach for many online retailers. Amazon enables any business to invest in a global selling strategy. But your Amazon initiative won’t be a success without the following solutions.

Most retailers lack the infrastructure to engage audiences on a global scale. They turn to Amazon to simplify global selling and get the most out of their global investment.

But succeeding with Amazon isn’t as simple as posting your merchandise online. It requires a developed strategy like any selling initiative, and there are several ways you can use Amazon to engage with your target audience.

Many businesses find traction in international markets they couldn’t reach before. They improve cash flow by adding a marketplace channel to their traditional ones. Some companies us Amazon to support their entire business.


What Should I Know About Global Selling with Amazon?

Amazon provides tools to simplify global selling through their channels. You will also benefit by leveraging the Amazon brand. But Amazon is a competitive marketplace with millions of global players.

Amazon provides you with a cutting-edge platform for marketing your products. You still need to support that platform with marketing, sales, and fulfillment solutions. You will need the support of third parties familiar with your target geographies.

Global selling requires greater use of your internal resources as well. Currency exchanges and taxation can complicate the selling process. Amazon may manage some of this burden, but your in-house team needs to prepare for those changes.

Remember, Amazon has the largest e-commerce global footprint. But you still need to target specific customers and regions to be successful.


5 Methods for Improving Global Selling on Amazon

Forbes says Amazon accounts for one-fifth of all goods sold online globally. That’s a lot of opportunities and a lot of competition.

The following tips will help you prioritize your goals. They will enable you to launch your global selling platform successfully. You will find success targeting, engaging, and fulfilling your target markets as well.

1. Get to Know Amazon

Amazon is unlike other e-commerce or marketplace environments. It was founded on the principle of being the ‘most customer-centric company.’ If your business strategy doesn’t reflect this philosophy, you will not be in line with customers’ expectations.

Amazon evens the playing field. Both businesses and individuals can sell through the website. That means a single person in Nebraska could potentially outsell an enterprise company’s product.

Anyone can manage orders and information on Amazon. Amazon provides basic fulfillment and customer service solutions as well. This comes at a cost and is best for small sellers who have no other fulfillment options.

Amazon doesn’t guarantee ideal placement on the site. Your placement is determined by price, selling history, reviews, and other factors. This is why your greater strategy is such an important part of your success.

2. Create Your Global Selling Strategy

Let’s assume you have a great product that you want to start selling internationally. Your first step is to determine which market you will want to sell. There are a number of broad steps to take before investing in Amazon.

Like with any marketing strategy, you will want to determine who is your ideal customer. You will need to create an executive statement that summarizes your marketing goals. And you must look into what types of content and features will drive that customer to your Amazon page.

You must also identify your competition in the marketplace. Determine how you will differentiate your products from theirs. Develop a content marketing strategy to drive those differences and improve the image of your product.

When you choose your Amazon account, you will need to populate your product page based on your strategy. Optimize the page with a strong headline and search terms. Use keywords unique to the product as well.

3. Enhance Sales by Emphasizing Your Best-Selling Products

This is your first step into a new marketplace. As when you started your business, you don’t want to stretch yourself. Focus on your core product, that which you think will be most successful in the new market.

You will need to ensure your products are compliant with international rules. You will need to ensure products can be delivered to customers as well. We will discuss fulfillment in the next section.

Once you have identified consumer demand, that product becomes ‘sellable.’ Amazon can provide market data regarding different products so you can discover that demand. This is not a simple process, and you may have to test several products.

Price your product competitively. Your potential customers will be looking at your competitors as well. This is especially true if your product is not well known in the market.

As you sell aggressively, be prepared for landslide orders. These are opportunities that could make or break your success. Your fulfillment solution should be prepared.

4. Outsource the Most Difficult Fulfillment Processes

Amazon provides fulfillment services and even customer support for your shipments. These come at additional cost. They might not be economical or even sufficient for a small business.

Amazon does partner with third-party fulfillment providers. Amazon offers these companies programs and certifications that give sellers that partner with them better placement in the marketplace.

The best fulfillment groups will centralize all fulfillment for your company even while optimizing your positioning on Amazon. In this way, they become a universal fulfillment solution for your company. That cuts costs and increases your chance of online success.

5. Cultivate Loyalty and Positive Reviews

Nielsen found that 70% of global consumers trust online reviews. Amazon will emphasize your product pages when they receive positive customer reviews. You will also place higher when customers use reviews as a search criterion.

Genuine customer feedback is the strongest form of advertising for your brand. Amazon gives you a highly visible way to show your success.

This is perhaps the greatest advantage of Amazon. It is mostly driven by customer satisfaction and merit. If you can accomplish both of these things you have a fighting chance in the global market.


Choosing the Right Fulfillment Partner

Most of your Amazon initiative will center around digital activities. Fulfillment will be the most complex aspects of your business. When it comes to your customers, it’s also the most critical.

International logistics and fulfillment are complex. You need a fulfillment services provider that you can trust with your business. You need a partner who is familiar with global selling on Amazon as well.

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