Will Land Amazon Sponsored Listing Ads


Sponsored Listing Ad Expert


             Will Land is known as “The Marketplace Guy”. He started selling his own brands of Cell Phone accessories through marketplace channels such as Amazon and Ebay over 14 years ago. Over that time, he has participated in numerous beta programs with marketplaces in order to help them introduce new tools and services to third party sellers. Mr. Land was Amazon’s Beta User for Sponsored Listing Ads, helping to shape the platform. Now, you will often find that Amazon uses quotes from him as they market Sponsored Listing Ads to other sellers as seen in the image below.



Today, Will Land is the CEO of Marketplace Valet, a 3PL with a twist, that helps other brands and ecommerce businesses list, sell, and fulfill website and marketplace orders around the world. The company has generated over 12,000,000 marketplace orders to date, making Marketplace Valet one of the largest multi channel marketplace sellers in the world.