Ecommerce fulfillment is at the base of the most common complaints from online shoppers. They are: late delivery, damaged products, and missing orders. By effectively managing your ecommerce fulfillment model, you can successfully avoid each of these problems. 

With a dropship model, you market and sell goods stored at another facility. This form of ecommerce fulfillment allows your product to be manufactured, stored, and shipped from a different facility. 

In a self-fulfillment model, you run the entire shipping process in-house.This form of ecommerce fulfillment cuts out the middleman and gives you the ultimate say over the entire process. 

In the third-party logistics model, or 3PL, you either manufacture your goods or buy them back in bulk before an order is made. Every time a customer buys an item  , your 3PL partner ships it out. 

If you feel that drop-shipping offers too little control over the process, but self-fulfillment offers too much, then the 3PL model is a good option for your ecommerce fulfillment needs. 

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