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IP protection in the modern digital age is no joke. That’s why Amazon updated its IP policy at the beginning of August.

These new changes make it harder for companies to steal intellectual property from your brand online. But, they also make it harder for brands to register their property.

So, you’re going to have to start getting more vigilant about your brand protection. Keep reading to find out how to do just that.

What to Know About Amazon’s Intellectual Property Policy

Amazon has a policy in place to protect your brand from intellectual property infringement. This policy is to ensure that owners of products are able to retain the legal rights for original works and that sellers don’t infringe on trademarks or patents.

If you think that somebody is stealing from your brand, whether that be in the name of a product or the actual product itself, then you can report that account to Amazon.

However, numerous reports state that Amazon doesn’t really enforce this policy as much as they should.

Instead, it’s best to apply for the Amazon Brand Registry. This helps ensure that your products pages are represented correctly.

Sometimes, however, this isn’t enough. Amazon is a huge company, and it’s hard for them to keep track of all of their sellers and vendors. So, it makes sense to rely on third-party help for your Amazon management.

Conduct Regular Quality Control Checks

What is brand protection, really? It’s the act of ensuring that nobody is stealing your brand’s identity or lessening its value by using your photos, texts, ideas, or products without your permission.

In order to prevent this on Amazon, you’ll need to perform regular quality control checks. Search for your products or similar products to ensure that nobody is selling them without your permission.

Read the listings and check the photos, too!

If you’re seeling a particularly competitive product, then you might notice that people start to copy what you’re doing, especially if you’re doing it well.

Monitoring these accounts and product pages is one of the biggest brandings tips we can give you.

Not only will it allow you to stay on the first page of the search results, but it will also ensure that nobody is lessening the value of your brand.

Your products should appear only on your store’s page, and that makes them more exclusive and helps you build brand loyalty.

Protecting Your Brand on Amazon

Protecting your brand from grey market sellers and IP infringers are crucial in establishing yourself as a strong brand in the Amazon marketplace.

Here at Marketplace Valet, we can help you clean up your business on Amazon to ensure that you’re creating a strong brand identity that nobody else is infringing upon.

Ready to get started in ensuring that you’ve got enough brand protection?

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