order fulfillment


Close to 40% of online shoppers say they won’t bother doing business again with a company that provided a poor shipping experience.

If you worth within the eCommerce industry, then you already know just how essential having a seamless order fulfillment process is not just to meet customer demand, but also to keep your business’s reputation in good standing. 

But you’re tired of taking time out of your day to handle eCommerce fulfillment on your own. 

It’s time to outsource your order fulfillment services to an experienced, well-regarded company that will handle product storage, packing, and shipment scheduling. 

Read on to learn more about the benefits of outsourcing order fulfillment. 

1. Lower Shipping and Operating Costs

Companies spend roughly $1.5 trillion every year on product shipping and logistics. 

We know that you’re always looking for ways to save on the costs of both shipping and storing your products — which is a major reason why outsourcing your order fulfillment process is such a smart move. 

First of all, you’ll usually pay a flat fee for your storage space, which makes it much easier for you to budget each month. You’ll pay for picking, packing, and shipping costs only when a customer places an order for them. 

Plus, because order fulfillment companies have warehouses all around the country, you’ll be able to take advantage of lower shipping rates. You’ll also be able to save even more with bulk shipping discounts that order fulfillment services offer. 

This means you can increase your profit margin and expand the places you ship to.

Finally, remember that a professional order fulfillment program has software on hand that allows them to compare carrier shipping rates in order to get you the best possible deal. 

2. An Order Fulfillment Program Boosts Customer Service

About 43% of consumers decided not to purchase items in their online shopping carts because they felt the shipping charges were too high.

Not only will finding ways to lower your shipping costs save you money, but it will also improve customer relations and earn you a loyal client base. 

Plus, order fulfillment services also provide customer support, so if there’s an issue with a specific order or shipment, customers can get the answers they need quickly and straight from the source. 

Order fulfillment companies can also assist with refunds, shipment tracking, and even allow your customers to select the delivery option that’s best for them. 

Remember, the more options you offer to your customers, the more likely they are to buy with you again in the future — and leave you a positive review.

3. More Time to Devote to Growing Your Business

Finally, when you no longer have to worry about order fulfillment, you can focus on the areas of your business you’ve had to neglect in order to get shipments out the door on time. 

You’ll now be able to revamp your online marketing strategy, update your social media accounts, work on growing your market, and much more. 

You’ll be amazed by just how much you can improve your business when you actually have the time to do it. 

Ready to Work with a Top Order Fulfillment Company?

Now that you know just a few of the many advantages of working with an order fulfillment company, it’s time to find the right one for your business. 

At Marketplace Valet, we provide what we refer to as “4PL” solutions.

We can assist you with marketplace listings, selling, warehousing, and fulfillment services. 

Reach out to us today to learn more about our services and to start improving every aspect of your eCommerce business.