Why You Want To Be An Amazon Prime Seller

amazon prime seller


Putting your product before an audience of millions. Having your product known and purchased by people all over the world.

Who wouldn’t want to make those sales and reach a wide variety of people? Becoming a household name is a dream for many. And now, it’s no longer unreachable.

Getting your product out before that audience isn’t as difficult when you are an Amazon Prime seller. Read on to discover the benefits of selling on Amazon Prime.


As an Amazon Prime Seller, Items Arrive Quickly to Your Customers

A major benefit of Amazon Prime is that your products will arrive in the customer’s hands in a matter of days.

Amazon offers sellers the ability to ship directly to the customer. For sellers versed in drop shipping, many know that products do not arrive on time.

Unlike drop shipping, the situation is not out of your hands. You are able to satisfy your customers without having a third party in the middle.


Folks Trust Amazon

Amazon is a name everyone knows and trust. Popular since the late ’90s, customers shop with confidence from this mega-merchant.

They know even if a problem arises, Amazon will be able to help them. Amazon is viewed as a one-stop source for shopping for just about everyone.

Items they offer range from baby clothing to food. You can become an Amazon Prime seller and feel confident that no matter what you offer, there is a customer looking to buy from you on Amazon.


Amazon Offers an Outlet for Handmade Items

Amazon recently opened up its marketplace to handmade items. This is good news for folks who are creative and looking for another outlet to sell on.

Handmade items that can be offered on Amazon include:

There are various outlets for handmade products, such as Etsy. Not everyone shops on there, though. Some sellers find Etsy and similar marketplaces to be too competitive.

Advertising and seller fees associated with these marketplaces cut into profits. Amazon takes care of these factors, making the process streamlined for you.


An Audience of Millions Awaits

Amazon Prime sellers have the advantage of putting their product before millions of people all over the world. Your reputation as a seller will grow in many ways, as you offer your products.

  • Word of mouth

  • Through your store or username

  • Via social media

All of these factors help you gain customers, including loyal ones who are wanting to buy a new product from you every time something comes out.

You could achieve these results on your own, but that would occur after a major time investment. This includes building your own site and the blogging and advertising associated with building your own traffic.

Accepting the built-in traffic that comes with an Amazon store gives you quicker results.


Fees and Overhead Are a Thing of the Past

When striking it out on your own, you’ll find that setting up an online store takes more work than meets the eye.

You’ll have to set up the website and manage various payments including:

  • Hosting fees

  • Ads and marketing

  • Building and setting up the online marketplace, including a shopping cart system

As an Amazon Prime seller, you will only pay a fee when an item sells. Amazon deducts this from what you make.

Doing so keeps you from sinking additional money into your business, catching a profit at the same time.


Anyone Can Become an Amazon Prime Seller

Selling on Amazon is not limited to one type of person. Sellers range from older people looking to create a second income. Young entrepreneurs who are looking for work that is flexible and fun have begun their journey.

There are no special skills needed. You don’t need a business degree or a fancy background.

One individual purchased items from Wal-Mart to sell on Amazon, and he is earning millions through an Amazon store.

The opportunities offered to Amazon sellers include:

  • Flexibility in schedule

  • Working as much or as little as you want

  • Selling products that interest you

Your Amazon store becomes what you make it. the more work put into it, the greater the return. If you wish to keep it as something to earn a side income from, that is fine, too.


Let Amazon Handle the Returns and Customer Needs

Selling with Amazon Prime means you don’t have to worry about angry customers or dealing with returns. If customers have problems or questions, they get in contact with Amazon.

If they need a return, Amazon will send them the label, let them know when the merchandise has arrived and processed the refund. Everything will be taken care of by a responsible third party on your behalf.


You Can Work From Home

Not unlike eBay and Etsy, selling for Amazon is a great way to escape the cubicle and work at home. Although you’ll be spending money on your products (with a decent markup so you make money), you’ll be saving.

You’ll no longer have to worry about driving a long distance to work or paying childcare. Interacting with co-workers and buying lunches out become a thing of the past.

As an Amazon Prime seller, these are some of the benefits you’ll encounter while you grow your business at home.


Begin Your Business Today

Amazon prime sellers find themselves offering products to a larger audience while reaping the benefits of sales with low costs and investments. You can start out small and build up to have a large store later on.

Beginning your Amazon store today, and see how you can offer products on one of the world’s largest and most loved shopping platforms. You’ll have the opportunity to work at home and design your business in a way that works for you.

If you’d like to learn more about how selling on Amazon can benefit you and your goals, let us help. Check out our blog for tips to help new Amazon sellers.

Contact us today, and see how your business can thrive on Amazon Prime.