Not Approved for Grocery, Health & Beauty, or Jewelry on Amazon? Marketplace Valet can help…


If you are planning on expanding your business to to sell products in the grocery, health & beauty, or jewelry category, you may encounter some problems. 


Known as Amazon Gating, these categories which require special approval or ungating before you are allowed to sell on Amazon.  Amazon will ask you to submit invoices in order to get approved for the grocery, health and beauty, jewelry categories and a few other, but most of the time, you will be rejected or denied ungating for reasons which will frustrate you, particular as a brand owner.  Perhaps you have seen this text in an email from Amazon: “I reviewed your documents and found that you have provided invoices in which we are not able to verify vendor information through our internal sources.”  You could spend time going back and forth with Amazon on how they should explore external sources, or contemplate why are they asking for invoices when you are the brand owner, or give up the fight. 


Trust us, we know how frustrating this experience can be, and that is why we are here to help.  The Marketplace Valet service includes the use of our ungated seller accounts to sell your products. 

Need help selling in grocery on Amazon? Coffee, candy, jerky?

You can rely on our FDA certified facility. 


Are you not approved for health and beauty but have a new make-up line launching soon?  We work with dozens of cosmetic brands and sell their products for them. 


Have you been in jewelry for 20 years and Amazon still won’t allow you to sell your necklaces, bracelets, or earrings on Amazon? We will warehouse them safely, ship them carefully, and make sure that they get listed to,,, and over a dozen more top marketplaces worldwide. 


Our on-boarding process is simple and straight forward. Marketplace Valet is here to partner with you to help extend your business or brand to millions and millions of customers worldwide. See how our worldwide marketplace accounts helped this client here.