Top 10 Practical Ecommerce Resources For Growing Your Business

ecommerce resources


Ecommerce businesses are exciting and challenging to run. They’re a learning experience in themselves. In order to run one well, however, it’s wise to utilize ecommerce resources for sage advice, fresh ideas, and proven tactics.

Podcasts, YouTube videos, books, online courses and seminars, online communities and forums, and ecommerce blogs are great ways to stay in the know.

Read on for 10 great ecommerce resources that will help you succeed with your online store.


1. Oberlo Blog

If you want relevant, helpful articles on running ecommerce businesses and stores, Oberlo is worth your time.

From marketing, to shipping and fulfillment, to choosing a killer domain name, Oberlo has blog posts that cover nearly every aspect of running an ecommerce store.

It’s especially helpful if you’re running a drop shipping business. They offer plenty of free tips and ideas to help you out.


2. Digital Commerce 360

This is a one-stop destination for all things ecommerce. This site gives you access to relevant research, essential data, and ecommerce news and analysis.

You can find coverage by topic, company, or industry. Information is delivered in almost every way possible:

  • By webinar

  • By podcasts

  • In print

  • As an online Internet Retailer subscription magazine

  • In charts and infographics

For in-depth information on ecommerce rankings and market analysis, Digital Commerce 360 is a source you can trust.


3. Shopify Masters

Shopify is an incredible ecommerce platform, so it’s fitting that they offer a huge amount of ecommerce information to help online sellers.

Their podcast, hosted by Felix Thea, is both informative and inspirational. Thea interviews entrepreneurs that have found success in the ecommerce world to bring you valuable knowledge and powerful insight.

The podcasts teach subscribers about:

  • Products and product positioning

  • Tools and apps to use that speed up success

  • Which channels are increasing traffic and sales

This is one of the great ecommerce resources entrepreneurs can count on for helpful information. It’s great for teaching effective strategies and delivering sound marketing advice for selling online.


4. Shopify on YouTube

Shopify’s channel is the most popular ecommerce channel on YouTube. It has more than 260 videos that educate and motivate those who wish to start an ecommerce store and those who have already taken the leap.

This channel is a great place to find success stories, startup tips, and much more.

It also offers in-depth operation explanations and reviews of Shopify. Additionally, there are plenty of Shopify tutorials for those who are new to ecommerce.


5. Starting an Online Business All-In-One for Dummies

Books in the Dummies series are by nature thorough. They start with the most basic information and build on it to give you a good understanding of the subject matter.

Their Starting an Online Business collection is no different. It covers pretty much everything, start to finish.

You’ll get plenty of information about starting and running an ecommerce store, including tips and explanations for:

  • Website design

  • Internet security

  • Boosting sales

  • Accounting and legal aspects of ecommerce

  • Promoting your business through social media

  • SEO use for increasing traffic

This book outlines everything in an easy-to-read format, so it’s a great resource for beginners.


6. Kissmetrics

While Kissmetrics isn’t exclusively an ecommerce blog, it’s a rich source of valuable information for entrepreneurs who are interested in the ecommerce route.

As it states, Kissmetrics is all about analytics, marketing, and testing, all of which are important to the ecommerce world.

Blog posts cover a ton of topics, including:

  • How to structure your testing process to drive growth

  • Email campaign tactics

  • Marketing analytics

  • Observing user behavior for better customer engagement strategies

Kissmetrics is especially helpful for drop shippers.


7. A Better Lemonade Stand

A Better Lemonade Stand is an excellent ecommerce blog that aims to help entrepreneurs through every step of building a thriving online store.

In addition to informative blog posts, they provide email subscriptions, an ecommerce support community, and other ecommerce resources.

A Better Lemonade Stand also offers products such as business plans, drop shipping supplier directories, manufacturer directories, and a branding guide.


8. Ometria

Ometria is a valuable source of information for ecommerce marketers.

In addition to learning about effective email campaigns and other marketing strategies by reading their blog, they also offer an ecommerce academy.

This academy uses topic guides, blogs, videos, e-books, and presentations to keep you up to date with marketing trends, personalization, newsletter and email development, and more.


9. Starting Your First Ecommerce Business

Starting Your First Ecommerce Business is a free e-book developed by Oberlo. It outlines all of the things you’ll need to know and do to start a successful ecommerce business.

This e-book covers topics such as:

  • How to launch your ecommerce store

  • How to find products

  • How to create ads

  • How to generate ideas for products

All you need to do is provide your email to immediately access this resource.


10. Mail Chimp

Mail Chimp helps your business grow with marketing automation. It’s a great service for developing productive and smoothly run email campaigns.

Mail Chimp lets you:

  • Create effective and targeted ad and email campaigns

  • Automate useful product or service follow-ups

  • Send alerts when products are back in stock

Mail Chimp analyzes user data to find the right audience to target and the right time to send out emails. It also offers:

  • Advanced analytics for sales monitoring and website activity tracking

  • Flexible design for campaigns and email structure

  • Social media ads

  • A complete mobile app so you can work on the go

Mobile Chimp’s blog is written by their data scientists and engineers and their website has information and insights posted by their researchers.

This way, you’ll always be in step with new products, features, and data-driven improvements.


The Value of Ecommerce Resources

There’s a lot to be learned from the successes of others. You’ll learn about your own strengths and weaknesses in business while finding ways to help your business reach its full potential.

To maximize your chances for a strong ecommerce business, you need to keep up with industry trends and best business practices.

Ecommerce resources are an absolute necessity for staying informed and sharp.

For more helpful information on ecommerce, developing a great online marketplace, and fulfillment infrastructure, explore our other blog posts today.