ecommerce fulfillment


To survive the competition, your company needs to deliver exceptional products, fast.

That’s why it’s important to think about ecommerce fulfillment. From the submission of an order through processing to the physical delivery of the product, everything must be on point.

But how do you measure yourself against the rest? That’s a question that many brands have struggled to answer.

We’re here to help. It’s more than possible to measure your ecommerce fulfillment. Here are the tactics you should be using.


Analyze Your Internal Logistics

The first step forward in improving your ecommerce fulfillment is a look backward.

The major logistics you need to look at all depend on what your company does. But, in general, ask yourself a few questions.

What shipping needs are ideal for you, and how does reality line up with expectations? What could go better before any product is sent out, and how can you contribute to that betterment? Is there anything that pops into your head and makes you cringe when you hear “shipping logistics”?

You need to make sure that the ship is upright before you can fix it, so take the time to patch up any glaring holes. Then you can move forward and reach out to the people to whom fulfillment matters the most.


Check in with Customers

At the end of the day, the point of improving your fulfillment is to improve your perception in the eyes of customers. If you want them to keep coming back, you’ll need their approval, right? So you should find out what they’re feeling.

Customer satisfaction is always relevant, but fulfillment gives you a streamlined perspective on it. How happy are your customers with the products they get?

This question comes down to two answers. You need to know what customers are feeling about the quality of your product, and if it lines up with their expectations. It’s one thing for them to be OK with the package they receive–but are they fulfilled?

That sounds more philosophical than it is. In the age of the internet, it’s easy to find out what customers are thinking.

Head to the many places online where your products are reviewed by customers. Amazon, Yelp, or Google are fueled by emotional customer reviews. Whatever opinion a customer has, they’re more than likely to be open about it in an internet comment.

So, brace yourself and head to a website where you can see reviews from your customers. If you aren’t being reviewed on those sites, send out a survey–that’ll be sure to summon the most negative opinions.

Because the positive opinions are nice but unhelpful. If you can find a problem with your packages–maybe it arrived damaged, or stolen–then you can fix it. So, stick to the negative ones and adjust.

The second question is about the efficiency of the delivery. When are your packages arriving, and how could you make them arrive in a faster manner?


Find a Third Party That Tracks Packages

The answer to package-tracking nowadays is tougher than it initially seems. In the old days, it was not possible like it is today. Sure, you could contact truck drivers or receive phone complaints, but the communication was simply not what it is today.

If you’ve ever received a package from Amazon, you must have looked into just how detailed package tracking can be. You can see where it is every day at different specific times, following its journey from point A to point B with precision.

It’s so advanced, in fact, that you probably can’t do it alone. Instead, reach out to a third party, if you don’t already have one.

Many companies specialize in tracking packages for companies like yours. With their information, you’ll be able to tell how quickly anything you send gets to a customer, and whether it’s before or after the promised deadline.

That information will allow you to analyze the efficiency of your delivery, a key component of fulfillment. And you can adjust to improve.


Track Reverse Deliveries

One way to be sure that your measurements of delivery speed are accurate is to track reverse packages, too. In a perfect world, a customer will never send you something.

But, every once in a while a customer will want a refund. And they’ll end up sending back whatever you originally sent.

One silver lining about that refund? The returned package will travel through the exact same shipment route that it first went through, but backward. So, you’ll get another chance to keep track of the different locations and times that are marked during the shipment.

If you find yourself in a panic, checking your email while waiting for a package, yikes. That feeling is exactly how some of your customers are feeling while waiting for your shipments.

And, if the returned shipment comes back fast, you’ll know you’re on the right track. But don’t be afraid to adjust.


Make Changes for Better Ecommerce Fulfillment

The point of measuring fulfillment is to improve your company. Eventually, you’d like to be the perfect company. However, it’s unlikely that those changes will come overnight.

By taking gradual measurements, you’ll make gradual adjustments. You’ll be able to make subtle changes over time without disrupting the day to day functions of your company.

And, with that patience in mind, you should get a start on improving your business.


It’s Time to Fulfill

When you can track your ecommerce fulfillment, you make positive changes for your company in two ways. On one hand, you’ve better organized how your company works, which allows you to function better.

And the customers will notice. Better ecommerce fulfillment means associating your brand with efficiency and speed. A rock-solid brand is one of the most important tools you have in your arsenal to advance your company and grow into the future.

Looking to up the ante with your fulfillment? Reach out to our team. We can get you started on maximizing your potential today.

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