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Marketplace Valet helps brands solve DTC globally through our marketplace account management, optimization, sales and fulfillment services.

Marketplace Account Management

Marketplace Valet handles all daily and ongoing tasks in client seller accounts or listings hosted through our own branded storefronts.

Listing Creation / Global Marketplace Syndication

We have created over 200,000 listings to date. We have the staff and processes to create listings at scale and get those listings “live” on over 20+ global marketplaces quickly.

Content Optimization

Marketplace Valet has generated over 15M orders. We know what it takes to get a listing ranked and converting. Our in house team determines optimal keywords and copy.

Brand Protection

Marketplace Valet will monitor and protect your brand across multiple marketplaces for fraud, counterfeit, MAP violations, unauthorized sellers, trademark violators, and infringers.

Amazon Advertising Optimization

We use powerful machine learning bid management software to maximize ROI for our brand partners advertising budgets. Mix efficient spend with expert strategy, and your campaigns are guaranteed to produce results.

Warehousing/ Ecom Fulfillment

Marketplace Valet operates out of a 50,000 sqft facility in Corona CA. Only 60 miles east of the Port of Long Beach and Los Angeles. We can easily store your products and handle the fulfillment of your website orders in addition to our marketplace sales and distribution services.

3P360 – Client Data Dashboard

Our clients know whats happening with their marketplace business 24/7. 3P360 is our custom and state of the art client facing dashboard. Get access to your inventory, sales, SKUs, product data, advertising performance, billing and more in one place.

Customer Services / Returns Management

Marketplace Valet has over 400k positive reviews as a seller on Amazon.com and over 575k reviews on Ebay.com. That is because we provide the best customer service possible. Our in house customer service teams will ensure your customers are treated with care.

Product Reviews

Our team uses popular product review solicitation software to repeatedly follow up on customer orders asking for product reviews.

Marketplace Expertise

Well over 100 Years of combined 3P marketplace sales experience. Amazon even uses a case study about our Founder. Our growing team is nearly 40 people strong.

Legacy of Excellence

Over 400,000 positive reviews on Amazon.com and over 575,000 positive reviews on Ebay.com as a seller.

Engineered for Scale

Marketplace Valet exists to serve large brands. We are uniquely qualified to manage large SKU counts and catalogs. Our team and facilities can handle hundreds of thousands of orders per month. Experience at helping brands transition from 1P to 3P.

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We do typically charge a startup fee tied to the number of SKUs that we will be onboarding. All of our client agreements are customized, however, to serve the needs of our brand partners.

In order to serve large publically traded brands, we developed systems, software, and data exchange to allow us to pass data to our partners seamlessly and accurately. We recognize the importance of SOX compliance when outsourcing to a vendor like us.

Marketplace Valet has a number of different configurations and options for working together with brands. Marketplace Valet does buy wholesale. We like to operate as an exclusive 3P authorized seller of our clients’ products on marketplaces.

Typically, from signed contracts to listings “live” for sale, it can take 2 weeks to 30 days. We are able to move as fast as our brand partners can share product data.

Every client is assigned a dedicated account manager. They will be your point person for all related questions and requests. You can also logon to 3P360 and submit a “ticket”.

Not at all. Marketplace Valet expects to handle the entire marketplace operation from our facilities. Most brands are shipping us containers and pallets of goods. We are breaking down those shipments to warehouse some product on site, while shipping about 30-45 days’ worth of stock into Amazon FBA

Most of our clients are receiving bi-weekly (every 2 weeks) settlements that have a complete breakdown of all sales along with remittance after all marketplace fees, commissions, etc are removed. In some instances there are longer payment terms.

Amazon.com, Ebay.com, Walmart.com, Amazon.ca, Amazon.mx, Amazon.co.uk, Amazon.de, Amazon.fr, Amazon.it, Amazon.es, Amazon.com.au, Newegg.com. Coming later in 2020, Amazon.jp, Amazon.ae, Amazon.com.tr, Amazon.se, Amazon.sg, Amazon.nl, Amazon.sa, Amazon.pl

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